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Church groups
Cell Groups
We have several cell groups meeting across the town on different days & evenings of the week offering fellowship, encouragement and support to one another in our life of faith - Contact John Dunning 01483 417112

Fusion is our main work with children and young people.  Contact Jonathan Keyworth 01483 420712
Wednesday evenings:
6.30-8.00pm 7-14 year olds
8.00-9.30pm 14 year olds upwards

Carers Communion
This group meets monthly on Thursdays at 1.30 pm and is for those who have concerns for loved ones and friends.  There is a quiet time of communion together and finishing with a cup of tea, biscuits and chat.
Contact Sally Pollard 01483 428646

Communion for those who have been Bereaved
This group meets bi-monthly on Thursdays at 2.00 pm and is for those who have lost loved ones.  There is a quiet reflective time together in sharing communion and finishing with tea and biscuits and a time to talk together.  Contact Sally Pollard 01483 428646
Queen Street Pre – School
This is a church based Christian Pre-School
which meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, for children aged 2½ to 5 years.
The staff aim to share God’s love with children and parents in a safe, happy, loving Christian environment
Contact Jo Smith 01483 200453

The ‘Ark’ Toddlers Group
This group meets in two sessions on a Thursday morning.  This is a well attended toddler group and in turn makes for a very busy, exciting and fast-moving morning where adults and children enjoy meeting together.  Our aim is to provide a safe, friendly atmosphere where God’s love is reflected by the staff. Contact Penny McMahon 01483 425120 or Marion Toombs 01483 416859
Friendship Lunch Club
The purpose of this group is to provide care and friendship, with a three-course meal served at tables.  An epilogue is given by visiting speakers during the meal. In addition, various outings are arranged during the year. Whilst there is no age limit, most of those attending are elderly.  The group meets fortnightly at Tuesday lunchtime. Contact Eileen Coates 01428 682938 or Sheila Skinner 01483 417747
Senior Moments
A time for the over 60's to meet together - not so much a service more an event - to sing, to pray, to be encouraged, to share, to laugh and enjoy tea together. Senior Moments meets fortnightly on Wednesdays at 2:30 for about an hour. 
Contact Eric Jarman 07960 581770

Short Mat Bowls
The group meets every Friday evening from September to April.  The idea of the group is to have a time of relaxation and enjoyment whilst indulging in a little exercise.  We are pleased to welcome anybody who feels they would like to have a go!
Contact Sheila Skinner 01483 417747

Games Afternoon
We meet monthly on a Friday from 2.00 – 4.00 pm for light hearted games such as Scrabble, Card Games, Bingo, Quiddler and tea and biscuits. Contact Jim Thomson 01483 414019
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